Magellan Project - An effort to produce a web base mapping system for distribution of birds of iranOperation Magellan is one of the most sophisticated challenges I have had since started

This Project will help the future of mapping of the bird species through Iran and also distribution of bird species in the region. Since Magellan will be a web based project every one can contribute and the data will be updated due to local observations.

Residency, breeding and migration will be color marked separately to be able to show case different bird activities in the region, especially Iran. I hope this project can contribute to correct distribution of birds of western palearctic eco-zone and middle-east not to mention conservation efforts to better help the future of birds close to extinction in middle-east and Iran.

Iran has been the missing part of this puzzle and by bringing this to the web accessible to all birders around the country this could be like never before. An army of birders and contribute and registrations will be validated and updated on maps by professionals to insure the quality of the maps. 

Wish us luck.