To spot and record some birds especially birds of prey you usually have to put a good time and drive really far from cities. The migration season, however, is different and I believe that luck plays an important role. Besides being lucky, knowledge and experience play an
important role. First you need to know the hot spotting area where the birds stay, rest, hunt, and these places are inside the main migration route for birds. You also need to know what brings them down such as storm and in some cases even slight rain. I know a place where no one pays attention and during late winter and late summer, I always go to this checkpoint to see golden eagle and goshawk. But in the story I am telling you here, mother of nature surprised me by sending more than I cloud chew.

February 13th, 2020 my wife asked me to take her out of town for fresh air and also some shopping she insisted and I was reluctant to do it. She won anyway and I took the cameras and we headed to Lavasan and I drove to my favorite spot to shoot some ibex or mouflon. As I pulled over I started shooting the mouflon when I saw a golden eagle on a tree. This was the first time I saw my favorite bird on a tree and I shot her from far far away. As I saw the magpies on the tree, I found out that they grounded the golden eagle as usual.

As I was shooting the golden eagle my wife brought my attention to 5 other eagles flying over us and sometimes they got really close. While she captured them on the camera, I started shooting the Fabulous Imperial Eagles. At the same time, I saw the White-tailed Eagle and started shooting her too. Suddenly I saw another golden eagle, which was really far and the other one from the tree flew away.

After a couple of minutes, They vanished one by one and left me photos of three eagle types and mouflon. It was now time to take my wife shopping. Here I learned the most important birding lesson.

Location: Vargin Protected Area

Date: February 13th, 2020

Time:  12:06 PM to 12:21 PM