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Jan 29th
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Saeid Noori

پست الکترونیکی چاپ PDF
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  • Saeid NOORI, Eng.
  • Born in 1964, Married, having two children
  • Tel/Fax: 3137275 – 3137277 Cellphone: 09121121014

Professional Records:
  • Founder, license-holder and Director in charge of the magazine: Nature Fonds Courier 1997

  • Production, printing and publishing more than 100 articles in different newspapers and magazines and various interviews 1997 – 2004

  • Propounding and Following up smuggling protected species of FALCONIDAE to sheikhdoms 1997

  • Introducing sport fishing based on catch and release method for the first time in Iran to protect species 1998

  • Propounding the necessity of establishing private hunting fields and need to reproduction and breeding of small and big games 1998


  • Attending the 5th Exhibition of Press, having booth and holding question & answer sessions 1998

  • Indicating and introducing animal propagation and breeding projects throughout Iran and other countries 1998

  • Holding nature tours and sport fishing gatherings and conferences 1998

  • Studying and investigating the problems and complexities of Lar National Park 1998

  • Propounding and following up the necessity of instructing shooting to hunters before issuance of weapon carrying license 1998

  • Reporting and publishing smuggling and selling of rare species in Molavi St., Tehran, 1998

  • Conducting interviews and publishing at least 20 of them with high authorities of Environmental Organization (DOE) and other relevant organizations concerning dilemmas  and problems from 1998 to 2004

  • Conducting some opinion polls and collect statistical information from local and game and fishing related jobs at the request of governmental organizations from 1998 to 2004

  • Holding several workshops on training and social participation workshop among governmental organizations, communities and guilds since 1998

  • Study, contemplation and publish reports on danger of issuance of substantive agreement and license for domestic animal culture at wildlife habitat 1999

  • Contemplation and research on rules and regulations of environmental protection from the viewpoint of religious jurisprudence 1999

  • Contemplation and proposing the plan of eco-tourism and necessity of attracting and absorbing foreign eco-tourists to the country 1999

  • Conducting environmental study and research for new project of highway construction between Tehran to Caspian (North of Iran) 1999

  • Attending the 6th Exhibition of Press, having booth and holding question & answer sessions 1999

  • Studying and investigating the complexities of Lar Lake at National Park 1999

  • Evaluation and assessment of “policy of governmental organizations in dealing with eco-tourists and nature sportsmen, 1999

  • Studying, indicating and publishing report on “condition of Varjin protected zone” 1999

  • Conducting interview with Entekhab Daily concerning the way of dealing with environmental dilemmas of the country 1999

  • Foundation of Nature Fonds Club 1999

  • Initiator of mobile trap and skate shooting clubs in order to protect huntable species (game) 2000

  • Comparative study and investigation of manner of harvest species between Iran and several countries 2000

  • Presentation of article about the role of government in the developing world in protection of global environment concerning Rio Summit on sustainable development (UNCFD) 2000

  • Attending the 7th Exhibition of Press, having booth and holding question & answer sessions 2000

  • Holding a successful conference to prevent destruction of environment and extinction of species whose detailed report was issued in Hamshahri Newspaper 2000

  • Cooperating in field study of species and publishing a report concerning Kavir national park 2000

  • Preparation of articles of association and forming specialized group “civil participation for preserving environment” at the request of Department of Environment 2001

  • Member, founder, director in charge, member of board of directors and managing director of “Iranian Wildlife Experts Organization” (IWEO) 2001

  • Cooperation in field study of climate, species, aquatic creatures, and publishing report on national park, Lar dam lake and water inlets to the dam following the drought 2001

  • Establishment of nongovernmental civil organization of “Association of Nature Observers” 2001

  • Cooperation in field study and publishing a report on dispersion of all types of crane in Iran 2001

  • Attending the 3rd conference on electronic and development at the invitation of the conference organizer, Oroumieh 2001

  • Cooperating in research and study on “policy-making and the role of government in wildlife and ecosystem” 2001

  • Cooperating in research, study and publishing of report on “observing ctenophores in Caspian Sea” 2001

  • Cooperating in evaluation, holding specialized group, collecting and presenting information, identifying problems and defining the scope of destruction and giving solution for “ways to reconstruct and regenerate National Park” 2001

  • Cooperating and conducting several researches at the invitation of different organizations, and publishing a report on “methods of civil cooperation in protection of environment and wildlife of the country” 2001 – 2004

  • Cooperating for collecting information, investigation, field study and publishing report on “reasons of fatality of wild goats (Ibex) of Kavir National Park” 2001

  • Attending the 7th Exhibition of Press, having booth and holding question & answer sessions 2001

  • Cooperation in study, field study and publishing report on “effects of ecotourism on Sorkheh Hesar National Park” 2001

  • Cooperation in studying and investigating the issue of “organization and conflict management for increasing productivity and efficiency of organizations” and publishing report 2001

  • Cooperating in collecting information, field study and publishing report on “species of local Iranian trout” 2001

  • Cooperating in assessment management and conducting environmental studies required for establishment of Great Zoo of Tehran base on the option of “General Green Space Department of Tehran Municipality” 2002

  • Cooperating and giving expert solutions at the request of agricultural committee of the 15th International Festival of Kharazmi 2002

  • Attending the ceremony of appraising rile-model environment watchers (gamekeepers) of the year and publishing a report at the invitation of “Environmental Protection Organization” 2002

  • Proposing and implementing the project Larestanica wild sheep breeding and propagation site with the cooperation of Dist. 22 Tehran Municipality in Chitgar Forest Park as the first successful project in the country and the second one in the world 2002

  • Attending the specialized and expert meetings at the invitation of “Environmental Protection Organization” and cooperating in codification of executive instruction of “manner of transferring areas to those who are interested in implementation of game propagation project of wildlife” 2002 on

  • Attending the 8th Exhibition of Press, having booth and holding question & answer sessions 2002

  • Studying and proposing the project “how to put fish in Tar lake and implement ecotourism plan” 2002

  • Attending the conference on explaining the goals of Kouhsar park at the invitation of Department of Environment (DOE), Tehran Province 2002

  • Cooperating in formulating, presenting and obtaining license from Environmental Protection Organization and implementing the national project of “issuance of plaque and ID card for taxidermy trophies” 2003

  • Management of conducting environmental studies of the project of establishment of birds garden for Dist. 14 Tehran Municipality 2003

  • Active participation in International Exhibition of Environment 2003

  • Taking action until achieving result for elimination of pollution concerning the activities of Abegarm chalk mill at the request of Islamic Council of Najafabad and Asian Kharghan Villages, Ghazvin 2003

  • Management of implementing the project of cleaning the wide area of Lar National Park, conducting conference and receiving letter of commendation from Environmental Department of Tehran, Department of Supervision and Inspection, and Office of People’s Participation of Environmental Protection Organization 2003

  • Active participation in International Exhibition of Utilization and Protection of Abu Dhabi (ADIHEX 2003) Wildlife as a guest of honor for the head of Agency of Research and Development of Environment and Wildlife of UAE 2003

  • Cooperation and management in presentation of a studying and executive plan and project concerning the construction of a 100-hectare park to the east of Nayband Gulf (protected zone) at the request of Energy Pars Special Economic Zone Co. 2003

  • Managing the evaluation and presenting the comprehensive environmental project of “construction of ostrich breeding and reproducing village” Zarandieh, Saveh 2003

  • Attending the 9th Exhibition of Press, having booth and holding question & answer sessions 2003

  • Active participation in the 3rd annual conference on nongovernmental environmental organization is Shiraz 2003

  • Member and founder of nongovernmental environmental organization’s network of Tehran Province 2003

  • Member and founder of nongovernmental environmental organization’s network of Iran 2003

  • Member of national consulting group of NEP/GEF international project to protect Siberian crane 2004

  • Member of consulting group of formulating the plan of national action to protect biological diversities, strategic planning and national operational plan to protect biological diversities 2004

  • Management of the project of creating echo-tourism site in Saveh, Markzai Province 2003

  • Member of consulting group “specialized committee of environment and natural resources” in amendment of legal principles of the 3rd and 4th development plan

  • Management of several environmental studying and evaluating projects at the request of private organizations in industry, game breeding and propagation sites and agriculture

  • Active participation in International Exhibition of Environment 2003

  • Managing the construction of biological diversities museum of Sugarcane & Subsidiary Industries Development Co. (Ahvaz) 2004

  • Managing the implementation of green space project and creating birding site of unit seven of Tehran Cement Co. 2004

  • Active participation in International Exhibition of Harvesting and Protection of Abu Dhabi Wildlife as a guest of honor for the head of Agency of Research and Development of Environment and Wildlife (ADIHEX 2004) of UAE 2004


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