Birds of Iran

Mar 30th
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Home Non-passerines of Iran Eagles Golden Eagle on Northern Heights of Iran

Golden Eagle on Northern Heights of Iran

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Juv. Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) - Central Alborz Protected Area, Lasem hights - Northern IranThe Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is one of the best known birds of prey in the high altitude mountainouse regions of Iran. Golden eagle's  habitat is mainly barren or wooded mountains, highland wooded lakes and moves to low lands, plains and semi-deserts in heavy winters.

Like all eagles, it belongs to the family Accipitridae. Sexes alike in plumage. Once widespread across the Holarctic, it has disappeared from many of the more heavily populated areas. It has a wingspan averaging over 2 m (7 ft) and up to 1 m (3 ft) in body length. Sometimes the amount of white in the wings of a young Golden Eagle (as indicated in the image shown left) varies among individuals, and a few lack white in the wings entirely.

Although capable of killing large prey such as cranes, young sheep, young Ibex and domestic livestock, the Golden Eagle subsists primarily on rabbits and hares in Iran. Also sometimes show a tendency to feather quarry and prey on Caspian snowcock and partridges. This largely depends on the population of its prey in its habitat. In Iran Golden eagles show more tendencies to stick to thier habitat even in colder times of the year.

As stated above golden eagles live in their nesting territory all year. But some may migrate due to lack of food during the winter. They do not have to migrate large distances, because of their excellent hunting abilities.

In Iran you can't confuse golden eagles with any other member of Accipitridae due to its size, coloring and habitat.


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