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Mar 30th
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Pleske's Ground Jay Variations and habitat

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We have recorded a Podoces pleskei without a black marking on the breast. since there are 4 family members in this family we are still investigating the possible of cause.

Henderson's Ground Jay (Podoces hendersoni)
Biddulph's Ground Jay (Podoces biddulphi)
Persian Ground Jay (Podoces pleskei)
Grey Ground Jay (Podoces panderi)

pleske's ground jay Could occur over border into Pakistani Baluchistan, perhaps even western Afghanistan. pleske's ground jay habitat is mostly semi-desertous plains with Zygophyllum atriplicoides known as "TAAGH" in persian (farsi) language. we are still working on habitat and variations of Podoces pleskei and we'll be publishing soon.
Juv. pleske's ground jay without black marking on the chest - NE IranThis pleske's ground jay has no black marking on the breast. we are still investigating the cause but for all we've come up with, there is only one specie living in Iran. Since there was a nest at this location we come to this decision that this is a juvenile pleske's ground jay. Juv. ground jays won't develop black marking on the chest but after the first moult it starts to appear. We are still investigating the cause. Visit more often to find more.
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ZAGH BOOR- Iranina Ground Jay
written by Nazila Noebashari, December 15, 2010
Dear Sir , Our gallery is organzing an exhibition on topic of 6 endangered species of Iran
in 2011. Zagh Boor is chosen by our associates who are a wild life preservation NGO
to be one of the species. As there are very few photographs of this bird available on line
we are wondering if u have more images and if u can send them to us. The point is that
Visual artists naturally need images to work on so more images will give them better
understanding/inspiration... best regards Nazila Noebashari.

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