Pallas' Leaf Warbler Reported for the first time by Amir Talebi GolAmir Talebi Gol, founder and CEO at Part Wildlife Discovery was on a discovery trip to Naybandan wildlife refuge , south of Tabas , in search of Asiatic Cheetah, when he noticed this little warbler that seemed a little different. He managed to take some photographs in a dry and rocky seasonal river bed from the species for further future analysis. It turned out to be Pallas’ Leaf Warbler  phylloscopus proregulus.


Based on provided photos and detailed observations, foreign ornithologists Richard Porter author of Birds of Middle East and Doctor Pralstrm from biology and evolution department of Stockholm university, a birds specialist , identified the finding as Pallasʼs Warbler which was not reported previously from Iran.
This bird with scientific name of phylloscopus proregulus and English name of Pallasʼs Leaf Warbler belongs to wern family and Sparrow Avifound order.