The Birds of Iran website was launched on August 11th, 2007.

The site’s aim is to provide information about birding in Iran, including updates from the field in the form of summaries, rarity alerts, and fluent trip reports.
On birdsofiran.com we provide interactive distribution reports, breeding reports, nesting sites, GPS locations, and echo tourism information. We also work heavily on the conservation of birds of Iran and the Middle East since Iran serves the region as one of the most significant migration route, wintering and breeding habitats.

BirdsofIran.com is a privately-owned entity and holds plenty of contributors around Iran. We also offer private and group tours with English speaking birding guides which will be led by experienced guides tailored to the region and type of birds you are willing to watch or conduct research.

Part of the benefits will be spent on local infrastructures to help build a better future for birds and our conservation efforts.

The Team

iran birding

Ali Sadr (Right) and Amir Talebi Gol (Left) in Loot Desert

Ali Sadr founded BOI in august 2007, and years later he teamed up with Amir Talebi Gol and made lots of exploration trips to the less visited areas of Iran searching for birds. Unfortunately, Amir Talebi Gol died in 2014 in an accident on one of his trips to Loot Desert and left us with all his memories.

As of 2020, we came back with a new design of the website and we will still strive to protect and watch the birds in Iran.